How it works

How we conduct our verifications


1. How can I sign up to avail the matchmaking services?

  1. You may visit and sign up online by filling in and completing the registration process.
  2. You may walk in to our nearest offline centre or ABPWeddings agent centre and get your profile created there.
  3. You may also call us on 8100-100-800 to get your profile created.

2. I have signed up. I want to log in. How do Io go ahead?

You can log in from the home page by clicking on the login button in the top right corner. You will have to enter your registered e-mail ID and password into the respective boxes click 'Login' button.

3. I want to create a profile on my own. How do I go about it?

You may visit and Sign Up to fill in the required details and upload the documents as mentioned in the site. It is necessary to validate your mobile number and Email Id. An One Time password (OTP) would be sent on your mobile number and a passcode would be send on the Email ID you mentioned on the site. All other details and documents would be moderated by our team. We would take 48 hours to have your moderated profile up on our site if all the details and documents have been shared.

4. I don't have internet facility. How can I register?

Not to worry! You may walk in to any of our nearest offline centres or classified agent centres. You may also call us at 8100-100-800. We would get your profile created.

5. I don't have time to fill in all the details for profile creation. Can somebody do it on my behalf?

No worries! You may call us at 8100-100-800 between 9AM-9PM at your convenience all days of the week. We will take you through the profile creation process.

6. I do not have time to fill-in all details while registering. Is it a problem?

It's not a problem! You may always save your data, and log in again later to fill in all the details. The more details you provide, the greater will be the 'trust score' of your profile. We recommend you fill in all details to find the best matches.

7. I have shared my details for profile creation. Will somebody check what I have shared/uploaded?How?

Yes, all your details will undergo a process of meticulous check by our internal team of moderators before your profile goes live. We ignore profiles that are submitted by underage persons and profiles that contain abusive content. We reject profiles that contain invalid data / false data upon verification. We try and maintain the highest quality. We serve in order to ensure that only members who are genuine & serious about marriage make use of this service.

8. I want to view a sample profile. Where can I see it?

If you have registered with us, we encourage you to log in and look at the profiles of prospective matches in the 'Search' or 'My Matches' section of the website. However, if you do not have a user account, you cannot view any profile, as we aim to provide services to only genuine users.

9. I want to register a profile for someone else. Is this possible?

Yes, you may register a profile for your son/daughter, sibling, relative or friend. However, we advise you to cross-check all the details with the candidate for creating a valid profile to find the most appropriate matches.

10. I want to register for my friend/relative. Can I do it? How?

Yes, you may register a profile for your friend/relative. Once you enter email and mobile number, you will see an option to select who made the profile. Click on 'Profile created by' and select 'friend' or 'relative' from the drop-down menu as needed. Remember to fill in all the details for your friend or relative for whom you are looking for a match!

11. I want to register for my son/daughter. Can I do it? How?

Yes, you may register a profile for your son/daughter. Once you enter email and mobile number, you will see an option to select who made the profile. Click on 'Profile created by' and select 'parent' from the drop-down menu. Next, continue the registration process by filling in all the details for your son/daughter for whom you are looking for a match!

12. I have created a profile for my son/daughter. How can my son/daughter access it?

Your son/daughter can access the profile by logging in using the same email ID and password that you used to register and create the profile. Once they enter the website, they can use the website just as you can.

13. I am a Ghatak. I want to create profiles of my clients on your website. How do I do it?

If you are a Ghatak, we invite you to write to us at, visit your nearest ABPWeddings centre, or to call us on 8100-100-800

14. My profile details are important. Who can see them and what all information can be seen?

Only registered users can see your profile. You may also modify your privacy settings in (go to 'My Account' Account Settings') to decide what details you want shared with prospective matches.

15. I do not want to share my mobile number. What do I do?

All users have to share a mobile number which will be verified using an OTP (one-time passcode) process. Without submitting a valid mobile number and e-mail address, no user will be registered in our system. This is necessary in order to authenticate genuine users.

But if you lock your contact details from My Account -> Account Settings, no user can see your mobile number without your permission.

16. I reside in a different country / I don't have an ABPWeddings office in my locality. I want to create a profile. How do I do it?

You may create your profile from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is register online at, or you may call us at our helpline number 8100-100-800 we will get your profile created.

17. My profile didn't go live after completing the registration process. Why?

Your profile will be visible to others only after we complete moderation of your profiles. Typically, the moderation process will be completed within 48 hours.