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*Unlimited denotes 9995 quantity of the respective plan feature

**This feature would be managed by your Relationship Manager

All add- on plans require you to first have a base plan.

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1) What is Membership Plan and Add-on Plan?

Membership Plan : You can become a paid member by purchasing a Membership Plan and enjoy all benefits available with that plan.

Add-on Plan : In case your membership plan is still valid and you have exhausted some of the benefits available with it, you can top-up those benifits by purchasing an Add-on Plan.

2) What is ABP Max and ABP Exclusive?

ABP Max is a self-service plan where you can explore various features in our website to find your soulmates.

ABP Exclusive is a more personalized experience, where a dedicated relationship manager will be available to cater all your needs.

Still confused? We are always there to help you. Call us @ 8100-100-800 or drop a line at care@abpweddings.com.

3) What are different benefits available with a plan?

You can get following benefits depending on the plan you choose :-
  • Contacts
  • Interests
  • Photo Request
  • Horoscope Request
  • Relationship Manager

4) Can I get a discount?

If there's a discount, it will reflect in the plan itself. Sometimes, we might run special pricing through promotion, which you can avail through the use of Promo Code in the Review Plan page.

5) Can I change a plan?

You can always upgrade a plan later. You can initiate the upgrade by visiting My Plan page or call us @ 8100-100-800.

6) My plan has expired. What can I do?

You can renew a plan through our website or call us @ 8100-100-800.